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Sentiment Overview

Protocol, Interface, Team‚Äč

Sentiment is a decentralized onchain lending protocol, that enables users to programmatically lend and borrow digital assets on Ethereum and L2s. There are different stakeholders that contribute to production and distribution of the Sentiment protocol, which are distinguished.

  • Sentiment Protocol: A noncustodial decentralized lending protocol designed to persist on Ethereum and Ethereum Virtual Machine based L2s. This allows users to permissionlessly lend and borrow digital assets.
  • Sentiment Team: A diverse group of developers that developed the Sentiment protocol and interface.
  • Sentiment Interface: A web interface which allows access to the Sentiment protocol. Given the Sentiment protocol persists on the blockchain, the interface is one of many ways in which users can access Sentiment protocol.
  • Sentiment Governance: A decentralized governance system set to govern the Sentiment protocol, enabled by the Sentiment Governance token.